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250+ Super Cool WordPress Tutorials – Newbie To Pro

(Originally posted on antsmagazine.com)

There is no reason to deny that WordPress is world’s favourite blogging software and there are many sites out there who publish great wordpress tutorials, following these tutorials one can easily learn wordpress in no time. Here is my list which is divided into different categories, each list is arranged in way that it goes from basics to advanced level. Hope you have a great time learning them.


1. WordPress Basics : Installation and usage ( WordPress 2.3 to 2.7 )

2. WordPress Video learning series 7 Powerful videos to master WordPress

3. 48 Unique ways to learn wordpress

4. How to install wordpress automatically using cPanel (fantastico) and Simple Scripts?

5. How to update wordpress blog automatically?

6. How to install wordpress manually?

7. How to move wordpress from hosting site to local computer or to a new domain?

8. How to install wordpress on local machine?

9. How to take backup of wordpress database on demand?

10. Top 10 Things to do after installing wordpress

11. How to embed PHP, MySQL, HTML or JavaScript source code within wordpress posts or pages?

12. WordPress Cheat sheet download

13. WordPress Reference Guide

14. Things you should know when displaying pages in WordPress

15. What can you do with wordpress

16. WordPress as cms [ Video Overview ] [ Tutorials ] [ Download Report PDF ]

17. Configure wordpress as CMS

18. Top 10 plugins to use WordPress as CMS

19. WordPress: KeyBoard Shortcuts

20. WordPress is not PHP





21. HTML, CSS, PHP, and More Cheat Sheets

(Most important for WordPress Theme Design – Best Cheat sheet list ever)

22. How to Create a WordPress Theme from Scratch Part 1

23. How to Create a WordPress Theme from Scratch Part 2

24. Creative a magazine Style Theme- Learn By Example

25. 16 Chapters to learn WordPress Theme by WpDesigner (Covers Basics)

26. Anatomy of wordpress theme

27. Converting .psd To WordPress Theme Video Screencasts (Best)

28. Secrets of WP Theming – Part 1

29. How to edit WordPress themes using Dreamweaver

30. How to Create a WordPress Template or Theme

31. Blog Design 101: Creating Your Own WordPress Theme

32. Customize Your Own WordPress Theme

33. 12 WordPress Plugins for Theme Development

34. Dissection of a WordPress Theme – Part 1Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

35. How to Widgetizing Themes

36. Developing a WordPress Theme

37. Turning a Web Template Into a WordPress Theme

38. Designing for WordPress Screencast – Part 1Part 2Part 3

39. Create WordPress Themes from Scratch – Part 1

40. Create WordPress Themes from Scratch – Part 2

41. WordPress Theme Tutorial

42. From XHTML/CSS to WordPress

43. WordPress Theme: Creating a layout (Step 1)

44. WordPress Theme: Creating a theme (Step 2)

45. WordPress Theme: Creating a theme (Some side comments)

46. How to create a WordPress theme: A guide for the design-challenged non-geek

47. WordPress theme screencast for design-challenged non-geeks

48. How To – Design Your Own WordPress Theme (Styling Blank Theme)

49. Simple WordPress hacks

50. How to alter the CSS on default themes

51. Mastering Your WordPress Theme Hacks and Techniques

52. Create a peel away effect on blog

53. Using WordPress Custom Fields

54. Custom login page

55. Useful WordPress Tricks

56. Easier Theme Development with Sample WordPress Content

57. 11 Tips for Speeding Up WordPress Theme Development

58. 7 WordPress Theme Trends & How To Implement Them Yourself

59. WordPress Theme Development Checklist

60. 8 Top Tips for WordPress Theme development

61. 18 Ways to Speed up Your WordPress Theme Development

62. 15 Usefull wordpress tricks to make your theme even better

63. How To: Create a Theme Options Page for Your WordPress Theme

64. WordPress Resources: 20 Various WordPress Tutorial Videos

65. This is a quick tutorial for mutiple page layouts in a single template

66. Very Easy WordPress Theme Hack: Show Category Images

67. Hacking WordPress Template Files

68. Hacking WordPress Tags

69. Translating Your Blog

70. 12 Ways to Hack Your Home Page



71. Unraveling the Secrets of WordPress’ Comments.php File

72. How to Add Gravatars to WordPress Themes

73. Adding Form Validation to WordPress Comments Using jQuery

74. WordPress Ajax Commenting revisited

75. How to Highlight Author Comments in WordPress

76. Separate WordPress Comments and Trackbacks

77. How-to style WordPress author comments

78. Comment Styling in WordPress

79. Hack Together a User Contributed Link Feed with WordPress Comments

80. Add Gravatar for post author

81. Highlight author’s comments

82. Styling WordPress comments

83. Want More Professional Comments? Just Add Style!

84. Learn how to import and export your WordPress posts and comments

85. How to install the twitip-id plugin to include a field for commenters to leave their Twitter ID.

86. 30 Most Wanted WordPress Comments Page Hacks

87. Complete Comment Styling Video Tutorial

88. Display Comment Numbers

89. Comment Template Deconstructed

90. Stylizing Threaded/Nested Comments in WordPress 2.7

91. WordPress 2.7 Comments – Style Starter #1

92. WordPress 2.7 Comment Style Starter #2

93. Top Tips For Hot Comments

Rockstar Comments in WordPress



94. Adding An Author Page To Your WordPress Blog

95. How to Display the Thumbnail for Each Post on the Home Page

96. Styling Individual Posts Using the_ID

97. How to Take Full Advantage of Your Post Timestamp

98. The proper way to write code in your blog posts

99. Things you should know when using post excerpt

100. Adding Thumbnails to Your Posts in WordPress

101. Adsense inline with WordPress blog posts

102. How to Add Google AdSense Between Posts in Wordpress

103. Category Hacks for WordPress Theme Designers

104. Exporting WordPress Data

105. Allow Users To Submit Blog Post

106. How to Add Photo Captions to posts

107. How to create posts that only appear in RSS feeds.

108. Make a Random Post Button

109. Blog Posts in Different Columns

110. Highlight WordPress Category when on a Single Post: Tutorial

111. Featured Post Carousel

112. Build a Featured Posts Section

113. WordPress Category Page Hacks

114. Adding An Author Page To Your WordPress Blog

115. How To: Blocking Your WordPress Categories and Archives From Google

116. How to Recycle Blog Posts

117. How to Setup a Post Series in WordPress

118. query_posts

119. A Page Counter and Popular Posts plugin for WordPress

120. Using WordPress Categories To Style Posts

121. WordPress Post Custom Styling

122. Show Blog Post First Letter In Different Size and Font

123. How to: Use two (or more) loops without duplicate posts

124. How to: Create a “Send this to Twitter” button

125. Sticky posts hack for WordPress

126. How to: List scheduled posts

127. How to add Related Posts to WordPress

128. WordPress shortcode to display related posts

129. How to Add Related Posts and Bookmarks to Your WordPress Blog

130. How to add random featured post in wordpress



131. Adding Private Pages to Your Blog’s Navigation

132. WordPress Categories in a Horizontal Drop-down Menu

133. Rounded Corner Tab Menus

134. Display your WordPress Tags in a Drop-Down Menu

135. Using Sliding Doors with WordPress Navigation

136. Creating a Two-Tiered Navigation Menu

137. How To: Making a Categories Drop-Down Menu

138. Adding a navigation bar to the default kubrick theme

139. WordPress: “Magazine style” Horizontal dropdown menu

140. Using Sliding Doors with WordPress Navigation

141. WordPress Tutorial: Simple Breadcrumb Navigation

142. 10 Ways to Improve Navigation

143. Create a Mac dock like menu on wordpress

144. WordPress: How to Use Pages in a Horizontal Navigation bar

145. CSS Sprite Navigation Tutorial : Ehousestudio

146. CSS Tabs Menu with Dropdowns : Dave-woods

147. Horizontal menu, top to bottom : Aplus.rs

148. WordPress menu integration tutorial

149. How to Make a “Child” Page (Subpage) and How to Hide Sidebar Widget Link

150. Styling Page-Links



151. How to alter the CSS on default themes

152. Apply a dynamic body class or ID to your templates

153. How to Protect CSS Mods for ANY WordPress Theme

154. From XHTML/CSS to WordPress

155. Customizing Widgets Using CSS

156. No More CSS Hacks

157. Make rounded corners

158. Category Styling

159. Premium WordPress Theme Design -HTML + CSS + WordPress Theme Files

160. Stepping Into Templates



161. Quick shooting stats of your WordPress blog

162. Create a Statistics Page for Advertisers

163. How to Easily Make WordPress Archives that Rock



164. Create a Custom WordPress Plugin From Scratch

165. Anatomy of a WordPress Plugin

166. The Best WordPress Plug-ins

167. How to Write a Simple WordPress Plugin

168. The Ultimate Guide to Building a WordPress Plugin

169. How to Make a WordPress Plugin

170. Your First WP Plugin

171. Writing a Plugin

172. How to create WordPress Plugin from a scratch

173. How to make a WordPress plugin (VIDEO)



174. Client Friendly WordPress Themes: Header.php

175. Multiple Page Layouts in a Single Template

176. Blog Posts in Different Columns

177. Creating a Widget Ready Footer

178. Create a Custom WordPress Search Results Page

179. Create a custom WordPress 404 page

180. 10 Ways to Improve WordPress Navigation

181. Simple Random Header Image for Your Blog

182. Customize Your 404 Page

183. Don’t Ignore Your WordPress Footer

184. Adding Tabs to Your Theme’s Sidebar

185. How to Make a Featured Post Carousel for WordPress

186. Build a Featured Posts Section for WordPress

187. Build a Basic Newspaper style layout with WordPress and jQuery

188. How To Create A Custom WordPress Page Template



189. Hodgepodge of WordPress Tricks

190. How to embed YouTube Video in WordPress

191. WordPress Thumbnail Size Limit Hack

192. WordPress Category Page Hacks

193. 4 Simple Ways To Speed Up WordPress

194. How to place a login form in the sidebar

195. How to make a random post button

196. How to Add Photo Captions

197. The Date/Image Hack

198. Removing Several Categories from the Loop in WordPress

199. The Most Desired WordPress Hacks: 11 Common Requests and Fixes

200. WP Date Image Hack

201. How to Show Category Images

202. How-to turn visitors into returning visitors

203. Creating a “Dynamic Sticky” Pages

204. Laying text over your lead graphic/Images

205. Multiple WordPress Installations Using a Single Database

206. Mastering Your WordPress Theme Hacks and Techniques

207. Son of Suckerfish Dropdowns

208. Tree Frog slide and fly menu



209. Import and Export WordPress Data

210. Lost Password, Update User Info

211. WordPress blog admin settings

212. How to Enable HTTPS

213. Setting up a member/user directory in WordPress

214. How to setup PrettyURLs on WordPress

215. Creating Custom Write Panels in WordPress

216. Customize your WordPress Login

217. Create a Tabbed Featured Post Area in WordPress

218. Moving your Blog, changing your domain name

219. How to Make a Control Panel for Your WordPress Theme

220. Using WordPress Custom Fields: Introduction

221. WordPress Custom Fields: Laying Text Over Your Lead Graphic



222. Hack Together a User Contributed Link Feed with WordPress Comments

223. Build a ‘WordBurner’ Email Newsletter Manager using WordPress and FeedBurner

224. Parsing and Hacking External RSS Feeds in WordPress

225. How to Format Images for Feed Readers

226. How to: Display any rss feed on your WordPress blog

227. How to: Display your feedburner count in full text

228. How to: Suggest your visitors to leave comments in your rss feed

229. How to: Control when your posts are available via rss

230. Hack: insert ads in your RSS feed

231. How to: List WordPress category feeds

232. How to: Provide a rss feed per category to your readers

233. How to: Add a rss link on each post

234. Mashing Up Feeds Using Yahoo Pipes

235. Publishing External RSS Headlines to Your WordPress Site

236. Creating Posts That Appear Only In RSS



237. Create your first widget

238. Blocking Your WordPress Categories and Archives from Google

239. 13 Tags to Delete from Your Theme

240. Build a Dynamic Design Portfolio with WordPress

241. Using a WordPress Page as Your Homepage

242. How To Move Your WordPress Blog to a New Domain

243. Make an Apple.com Style Breadcrumb for Your WordPress Blog

244. SEO for WordPress Tips

245. How to Put Adsense on Your WordPress Blog

246. Displaying Adsense and other ads with WordPress

247. Make Your WordPress Blog Search Engine Friendly

248. Add Del.icio.us Daily Blog Posting To Your WordPress Blog

249. How to Optimize Your WordPress Title

250. Making Better Use of Your Error “404″ Page

251. Add a Twitter Field to your Form

252. Automatic Site Map for WordPress

253. DiggProof your WordPress

254. How to Use WordPress as a Membership Directory

255. The Definitive Guide to Semantic Web Markup for Blogs

256. Build a Dynamic Design Portfolio

257. Embedding WordPress into OS Commerce

258. How to Enable HTTPS for WordPress.com Blogs

259. 30+ Video Tutorials